As a fee-only practice we charge our clients directly for ongoing investment management and/or financial planning. We receive no other compensation for our work, i.e., we do not receive commissions or incentives for any action taken on behalf of a client. If we identify a need outside of our service capabilities we will work with your other professional contacts, or provide such referrals as needed, to assist you in evaluating and obtaining such services. Our compensation structure creates a relationship built on trust, loyalty, and fiduciary duty. Consequently, our fees are competitive, transparent and properly reflect the complexity of your situation.

Fiduciary Duty

As our mission standard and evidence of our loyalty, we will always act in your best interests above our own in all matters. We will receive no compensation or incentives for any recommendations we make or referral fees from any service providers. We will not knowingly affiliate with any interests that compete with your interests and will disclose to you any potential conflicts of interest.